Pyramidenkogel tower
Minimundus Klagenfurt

Lake Worthersee, Klagenfurt

The path will lead us to the beautiful Carinthia where  we will pass through the old border with Austria which will led us to Klagenfurt, an extended excursion point to the mountains in the south and north. Before entering the town we can see a lot of parks and castles. Once in the city we will visit the Old and New Market with the Dragon fountain which is the symbol of the city. We recommend a Minimundus tour which displays over 150 of the world’s greatest attractions of different scales. City itself extends in the west almost to the Lake Wцrthersee.

In summer, the town hosts the Altstadtzauber Festival (The magic of the old town) and during winter Christmas Market turns its town into a romantic Christmas dream with the scent of mulled wine and Christmas pastries.

We will drive around Lake Wцrthersee which it is a true jewel and one of the warmest alpine lakes. During the summer period there are a lot of sports activities happening on the lake. We shall drive to the point view – the Pyramidenkogel, which is known for its roller coaster and a superb view.

Austrians are well known for many regional specialties and international cuisine. In Carinthia the traditional dish is Kasnudeln (cheese pockets filled with curd cheese and mint).

Therefore, it its clear that you will spend the trip in one of the most charming and vibrant cities in Europe.